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June 01 2012
Posted by massagesex  [ 13:32 ]
Porn May 'Shut Down' Part of Your Brain

Watching pornography would seem to be a vision-intensive task. But new research finds that looking at erotic movies can actually quiet the part of the brain that processes visual stimuli.

Most of the time, watching movies or xvideosporn conducting any other visual task sends extra blood flow to this brain region. Not so when the movies are explicit, the researchers found. Instead, the brain seems to shunt blood — and therefore energy — elsewhere, perhaps to regions of the brain responsible for sexual arousal.

Turns out, the brain may not need to take in all the visual details of a sex scene, said study researcher Gert Holstege, a uroneurologist at the University of Groningen Medical Center in the Netherlands.

"If you look, for example, at your computer and you have to write something or whatever, then you have to look specifically and carefully at what you're doing because if you don't, it means you make mistakes," Holstege told LiveScience. "But the moment you are watching explicit sexual movies, that's not necessary, because you know exactly what's going on. It's not important that the door is green or yellow."

Anxiety vs. arousal

The brain can either be anxious or aroused (or neither), Holstege said, but not both. During orgasm, he has found, activity in brain regions associated with anxiety plummets. This phenomenon may explain why women with low levels of sexual desire often have high levels of anxiety, Holstege said. It makes sense; if you're looking around, focusing on visual details, scanning for danger, it may not be so easy to focus on arousal, he said. [The Sex Quiz: Myths, Taboos and Bizarre Facts]

"If you yourself are in a very dangerous situation, whatever the reason, you don't have sexual feelings, because you have to survive for yourself, not survive for the species," Holstege said.

Brain-scan research had previously turned up hints that explicit sexual images might quiet a brain area called Brodmann's area 17, also called the primary visual cortex, a region that does the first processing of incoming visual information in the brain. The data was spotty, however, and no one had looked into the question in women's brains.

As part of a broader series of brain-scanning studies, Holstege examined the primary visual cortexes of 12 healthy heterosexual premenopausal women. All of the women were on hormonal birth control, smoothing out any menstrual-cycle related changes in sexual desire or arousal.
Each woman watched three videos while having her brain imaged by positron emission tomography, better known as a PET scan. These scans detect minute changes in radioactivity in the brain that correspond to the amount of blood flowing to any given region. Regions with more blood flowing to them are considered more active.

One of the videos used in the study was a simple nature documentary about marine life in the Caribbean. The other two were selections from "women-friendly" pornographic movies, one depicting only foreplay and manual stimulation and the other depicting oral sex and vaginal intercourse. Earlier studies had shown that the higher-intensity video showing intercourse produced stronger physical arousal in women than the foreplay-focused movie clip. [6 Great Things Sex Can Do For You]
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Posted by massagesex  [ 13:32 ]
Mitt Romney & Porn Reveals Much

During Mitt Romney's campaign for the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination, he made an interesting comment about pornography. The comment came in Ottumwa, Iowa at the Hotel Ottumwa, where Romney said "I want to make sure every new computer sold in this country after I'm President has installed on it a filter to block all pornography." This comment is fascinating for a number of reasons, and requires a multi-level analysis to really explore its full absurdity.

First and foremost, Mitt's comment confirms he hardsexporn really doesn't know much about computers, but doesn't let that get in the way of making comments that -- at least at that exact moment -- seemed politically advantageous. Internet browsers, including Microsoft's Internet Explorer, as well as internet portals like America Online, have had so called porn filters, also known as parental controls, for years, easily predating 2008. Fundamentally, Mitt had no idea what he was talking about"if he did, he'd know his incredible idea for an invention to save the fabric of this country by controlling nude images was already standard on most computers sold at the time.

Layer two of the analysis brings us back to so-called fiscal conservatism and pro-business politics. Mitt Romney has long touted his business experience as an important reason why he'd make a good President. Of course, it's not true, and unfortunately there's no examples of successful American Presidents whose background was "good business guys," but lack of evidence aside, let's assume it was true. Mitt Romney, along with much of the modern Republican Party, has made opposing government regulation of private industry a top concern. Republicans try to contrast this with Democratic politicians, who would allegedly put so many restrictions and regulations on businesses that they would singlehandedly destroy their profits.

Of course, what Romney is suggesting is that government should mandate private companies who manufacture computers to develop (remember, Mitt didn't know it already existed) and install an additional piece of software in order to meet so-called family values instituted by the Republican Party. Did Mitt just not realize this is one of those regulations of how private business should be run that he and his party claim to oppose, or does he think the porn filter is a worthy exception. After all, millions of children's' lives were ruined when Janet Jackson's breast -- minus the covered nipple -- was exposed during the 2005 Super Bowl Halftime Show.

This brings us to layer three of our analysis of Mitt's brilliant idea. Many self-described conservatives are displeased that President Obama has not focused more on indecency and swearing on television and in the media, and FCC regulation. This is, of course, predicated on the idea that nudity and foul language is bad for not only children who might overhear or see something, but for society as a whole. Broadcast indecency policy around the world confirms that there should be no such concern, and no such real risk exists, so I'm thrilled President Obama is more or less ignoring the issue of which words are okay to say on television, and instead working on everything from healthcare reform to capturing Osama Bin Laden and starting to create actual jobs -- even jobs outside of the "porn filter" industry, believe it or not!

In the end, Mitt's porn filter idea tells us quite a bit about Republican priorities and double standards. These double standards should disgust you:

Forcing private oil drilling companies to install the valve that would have prevented the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, another oil spill before it, and potentially many others, was too much government intervention and regulation into private business, but forcing computer companies to create and package a porn filter with the computers they sell is a perfectly appropriate example of government intrusion into business and people's lives.
Children's lives will be ruined if they see Janet Jackson's breast (not even the nipple, remember), people having sex, or hear a dirty word, but growing up in a time when war is a constant for which we always have more money and corporations can and do use toxic chemicals in everything from children's food to their toys won't have any long term effect on their lives -- that, Republicans are okay with.
You also might be interested to know that, while the majority of anti-porn, anti-swearing, anti-gay, and other so-called "family values" initiatives stem from Republicans, the interest in much of the material resides in predominantly Republican states. A Men's Health piece revealed that the top states for "gay sex" internet searches are Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, South Carolina, Nevada, Texas, and Florida, all heavily conservative states. Even more interestingly, according to an study a couple of years ago, Utah has the highest online porn subscription rate per thousand broadband users at 5.47.

Certainly it must be only the liberals in those red states who are doing the searches"

David Pakman, host of the internationally syndicated political talk radio and television program, "The David Pakman Show," writes a monthly column. He can be reached at
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Posted by massagesex  [ 13:31 ]
Porn site sponsorship causes split over fighting game community's self image

With thousands of people traveling to tournaments around the world and millions tuning in to live-streamed competitions online, fighting games are on the verge of becoming a bona fide, electronic spectator sport. But for the community to break into the big time, it's going to have to attract more big name sponsors beyond those like gaming peripheral maker Mad Catz and energy drink NOS, which currently help support players and tournaments financially.

So when a major corporation in one of adultpornomovies the biggest industries in the world announced earlier this week that it was interested in potentially sponsoring the competitive fighting game scene, it should have been unvarnished good news for the community. Since that corporation is online porn giant Brazzers, however, the announcement has set off an internal debate about the image that the growing community wants to project to the world.

Pro gaming meets porn

Brazzers Director of Special Events Rob Steele confirmed the company's plans to dive into the world of fighting game sponsorship Monday evening in a live-streamed interview with popular pro fighting game player Joe Ciaramelli, who goes by "LI Joe" online. Ciaramelli was the one who first reached out to Brazzers about potential partnerships with the fighting game community, an idea he said initially grew out of jokes his friends made about his resemblance to porn star Johnny Sins.

While Steele said he's not a gamer himself, he found others in the Brazzers office were excited about the opportunity Joe presented. "I had no idea how big the industry was... and then I brought it up to a friend of mine, and he was like you've got to jump on this. This is history right here if you get involved. This is something you've got to do," Steele said during the announcement.

What finally sold Steele on the idea of putting money into the fighting game scene, though, was watching the now-famous video of Daigo's full parry comeback at the 2004 Evolution tournament, and seeing the cheering crowds that accompanied the amazing display. Steele said videos like that convinced him that "this really is real—I have to get a company seed out there, y'know?"

While Steele didn't yet have details about what form Brazzers' pro fighting game sponsorship would take, he hinted that the company might want to back an entire team of players and even host tournaments where participants would get to hang out with some of the site's well known stars at after-parties. In other words, this doesn't sound like a small commitment.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 13:31 ]
Sean McDowell: The Hidden Price Tag of Porn

Pornography is tearing apart the fabric of our society. You may think this is an overstatement. After reading, “The Social Costs of Pornography” by the Witherspoon Institute, I think it may be an understatement.

In 2008, the Witherspoon Institute sponsored the first multidisciplinary exploration of the social costs of pornography. Scholars from various fields including philosophy, psychology, and medicine were included in the forum. Every major shade of religious belief was represented, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, agnosticism, and atheism. And both the left and right in American politics were present. They all agreed that there is a substantial multidimensional, empirical record of the harms pornography brings to society. Obviously, such agreement is rare.

Today’s pornography is different from extremeporn any in the past in three ways.

1. Accessibility.
The Internet has made porn ubiquitous.

2. Quality.
Today’s porn is much more hardcore.

3. Consumption.
Porn consumption has increased radically with the advent of the Internet. Sixty-nine percent of men and 10% of women report viewing pornography more than once a month. Eighty-seven percent of men admit using it in the past year. The researchers conclude, “In sum, there is evidence that more people—children, adolescents, and adults—are consuming pornography—sporadically, inadvertently, or chronically—than every before.”

More from 40 Positive Reasons to Avoid Porn

How does pornography actually harm people? The researchers list a plethora of ways. Each of these points is supported with empirical evidence in the report. Keep in mind that these are objective facts about pornographic consumption, not my subjective opinions.

Those who view pornography overestimate how frequently certain sexual acts are actually practiced, which increases one’s willingness to do unconscionable things.
Porn viewers physically map their brains based on the images they see. Pornographic consumption remaps the physical structure of the brain.
Many men who view porn lose the ability to relate to or be close to women.
Porn viewers become desensitized to the barrage of imagery, and as a result, child pornography and violent pornographic images often lose their ability to shock and disgust.
Women often report distress and harm when discovering that their husbands view porn. They typically feel betrayal, loss, mistrust, devastation, and anger as a result of their partner’s behavior.
Porn users have an increased likelihood of divorce and family break-up.
Those who had an extramarital affair were three times more likely to have used Internet pornography than those who had not.
Porn leads men to place less value on marital fidelity and more value on casual sex.
Therapists report seeing fourteen- and fifteen-year-old boys addicted to porn.
An Italian study reported that boys who view porn were more likely to report having sexually harassed a peer or having forced someone to have sex.
Adolescent girls who report using pornography are more likely to report being victims of passive violence such as sexual harassment and rape.
Today’s consumption of pornography encourages sexual exploitation such as trafficking.
Adolescents who view pornography are more likely to view women as sexual objects.
Porn consumption raises the risk of sexually risky behavior.
Men who use pornography are less attractive to potential female partners.
Exposure to pornography decreases sexual satisfaction with one’s partner for both men and women.
Chronic pornography use is associated with depression and unhappiness.
Users often report disgust and shame at finding themselves stimulated by images that would have once repulsed.
What do we do? For starters, can you help spread the word about the dangers of pornography? Please consider getting a copy of the report, “The Social Costs of Pornography,” and study it. Talk to your friends about it. Share it with your family and church. Blog about it. Or forward this blog to as many people as you can. There needs to be a renewed conversation about how pornography is damaging this generation. We can no longer ignore the most dangerous health hazard to this generation. Our kids deserve better.
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Posted by massagesex  [ 13:30 ]
Porn hurts women, so say the partners of users

A largely untold story in the ongoing debate about pornography is the fact that a growing number of women are very distressed by their partner's porn use. A number of persistent themes are emerging in research, on internet support sites (for women), in therapists' offices, in the accounts of divorce lawyers, and anecdotally. This paints a clear picture of women's distress, and provides an additional argument for the harms of pornography.

Bettina Arndt has missed the mark in her recent article Porn is not a dirty word. While she does a good job at elucidating what many men think and feel about pornography – the fantasy of compliant women, the justifications for deception, the guilt over finding their real partners inadequate, and the ubiquitous sense of entitlement to women's bodies – she does a very poor job at illuminating what is going on for many women who are the partners of users.

Arndt fails to question men's entitlement foryouporn to porn, or the deleterious impact this has on a growing number of women; instead, she explicitly reinforces men's right to gratification – if not from wives, then from the sex industry. Her justification falls back on an antiquated stereotype that somehow men "need" more sex and women are obliged to give it or suffer the consequences.

Arndt draws attention to the so-called libido deficit of women, the purported mismatch among couples, and men's abiding sense of sexual frustration in marriage. At no point does she cite (or even show awareness of) sociological research on long-term heterosexual couples that indicates whymany women withdraw from sex – unequal domestic loads, a chronic lack of leisure time and sleep after children are born, resentment over the double-shift, a lack of "foreplay", poor body image, and a sense of emotional disconnect from men who remain persistently unempathic – rather, she paints a picture of long suffering husbands who turn to porn in a valiant effort to avoid hassling their wives.

Here's a more challenging thought: it may in fact be men who are running from sex – sex that is conducted in the context of respectful, egalitarian relationships with women who know what they want, and enjoy intimacy and orgasm every bit as much as they do. This might require stopping and listening to women, creating a foundation of respectful and reciprocal intimacy, and sharing an equal load of the domestic work and childcare. In other words, we have to ask what kind of sex women are less interested in, and the context within which their interest diminishes, before accepting the "women want less sex" thesis.

Before examining this thorny issue, however, I'd like to turn to women's suffering because this is the biggest hole in Arndt's argument. She completely elides a substantial and growing body of evidence regarding the emotional harms of pornography for the female partners of users. What does this evidence show? It shows that many women, especially those who are in long-term committed relationships, are deeply aggrieved by their partner's porn use and, upon discovery, suffer all the symptoms associated with ruptured attachment and a loss of trust.

As Arndt notes, many married men view porn in secret and therefore lead a double life. This is a critical point, and one noted in the research literature; if a man's viewing is open (and agreed to), if a couple watch or make porn together, as in the growing DIY market, this does not constitute a threat to the relationship. Likewise, as Arndt also notes, if the viewing is not accompanied by masturbation, it is less threatening.

However, this is not what is going on in an increasing number of cases. As Jill C Manning, a clinical psychologist and sex addiction expert notes, "This mutual scenario ... is not the predominant experience coming forth in today's cultural milieu or clinical settings". Most married men who are viewing porn, especially the hard-core stuff, are doing so in secret and maintaining this duplicity in the knowledge that porn is distressing to their partners.
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